Delivery KC Conveyors

Recently we delivered the above  KC-conveyors to our customers.

  • KC-Conveyor 800×6000 mm
  • KC-Conveyor 650×6550 mm

Delivery loading bunker

For our client we produced a loading bunker with UCI Conveyor. Our client will load the bunker with worm manure. We wish our customer a lot of ease of use with this product.

Agri Project

In collaboration with our partner Versleijen Agri, we completed this project. For this project we supplied various conveyor belts and augers to transport the manure from the barn to the drying tunnel and manure shed. In addition, we have equipped the barn with poultry manure scrapers.

Delivery project VanderVelden

Recently we delivered our project for VanderVelden Forestry in Hamont (BE).
For this project we produced an operating platform and two UCI-Conveyors that support the customer in its process to obtain to a pure flow of wood.

Watch the video above for a nice impression of this project.

Video: Project Agrovack

Last week we delivered the first part of our project for manure processor Agrovack BVBA in Hoogstraten (BE).
For this project we built diverse conveyors and a loading bunker to support our clients’ processes:

Have a look at the video for an impression.

Assembly Loading Bunker


Recenty we delivered a high volume Loading Bunker for our client, operating in the peat industry.

We took care of this project completely in our own house; from engineering to the final assembly at our clients’ site. The 1200×7000 mm Loading Bunker has a volume of 50 m³ and is used for the removal of peat. The bunker will be loaded by a wheel loader.

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Delivery UCI-Conveyors

Last week we delivered four of our UCI-Conveyors (bandwith 500 mm).

These conveyors will be used within the metal recycling industry.

Delivery project Leenaerts

Recently we delivered a great project for our customer in Belgium.

The project consists of the following products:

We wish our customer all the best with his new installation.

Delivery project Adams

Recently we have delivered a great project for one of our customers, operating in the agri sector.
For this project we manufactured several VC-Conveyors in combination with a Loading bunker and a Manure drying system.

We are proud of the result and wish our customer all the best with his new installation.